Modus V™:

Experience fully-automated, robotic digital microscopy

Modus V enables neurosurgeons to perform delicate brain surgery with much more precision, potentially allowing for less-invasive procedures that lead to quicker recovery times and reduced complications. The technology allows for increased surgical efficiency through hands-free control, better ergonomics during brain surgery and greater versatility in the operating room. The digital microscope’s high-definition images offer a wider view of the surgical field and more enhanced images, improving the neurosurgeon’s ability to perform even the most complex brain surgery.

The advantages of Modus V include hands-free positioning with tracked instrumentation as well as automated robotics, which enable the surgeon to reach the desired visualization angles without interrupting the process. Another benefit is the device’s novel version of “auto focus,” which enables the image to remain focused on the tip of the surgeon’s instrumentation, constantly refocusing when the surgeon operates on different areas of the anatomy.

Improves surgical workflow

Tracked surgical instruments provide hands-free robotic movement and optical focal depth control.

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Optimizes your view of the surgical field

Cognitive optics automatically optimize lighting and camera conditions.

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Robotically-assisted motions

The robotic arm responds to your touch by detecting and performing intended manual adjustments.

Simplifies room positioning and setup

Full surgical articulation of the robotic arm simplifies room positioning and setup.

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System status overlay

System settings, including optics and automation, are displayed on the video overlay, to help you maintain focus on the primary surgical monitor and your patient.

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Designed for the future of digital processing

Platform is built for the digital future of surgery with software designed for upgrades that will take advantage of advances in data capture and analysis.

BrightMatter Plan™:Access tractography and enriched data with unprecedented ease

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BrightMatter Plan automates the generation of brain tractography imaging, which maps the sensitive white matter tracts that control sight, mobility and other functions in the body. This functionality gives surgeons a dynamic 3D visualization of the brain that may allow for less invasive surgery and potentially safer surgical routes. For patients, less invasive procedures may lead to reduced complications and faster recovery times.

BrightMatter™ Plan is indicated for

  • Viewing, presentation and documentation of medical imaging, including different modules for image processing, image fusion, and image segmentation where the output can be used for image guided surgery.
  • Planning and simulation of cranial surgical procedures
  • Reviewing of existing treatment plan

BrightMatter Guide™: Obtain simple, accurate surgical navigation incorporating dynamic tractography

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Synaptive Medical’s BrightMatter Guide neurosurgical navigation system allows for intuitive integration of pre-op brain imaging scans with the surgical tools being used to access remote regions of the organ. The BrightMatter Guide system uses diffusion tensor imaging data, which provides a detailed look at the brain’s internal structure, to allow surgeons to navigate their tools while avoiding unnecessary damage to connected structures on the way.

The system works thanks to 3D cameras that know the exact location and orientation of the tools being used. It overlays the location of the tools over the 3D visualizations of the brain and uses the BrightMatter Plan system to develop a path for the instruments to take.

When BrightMatter Guide is interfaced with Synaptive’s BrightMatter Vision and BrightMatter Drive technologies, it forms a compelling solution in the operating room called Servo. Servo mounts a powerful optics platform onto an automated positioning system for use with BrightMatter Guide. These technologies – Guide, Vision, and Drive are designed to work in concert to allow a surgeon far greater flexibility in both the navigation and execution of a complex surgery.

Specifically, the BrightMatter Servo solution allows a surgeon to:

  • Automatically track surgical tools with Drive, using a robotic arm to keep optics and light externally aimed where they are most needed.
  • Replace cumbersome optics with Vision for a collaborative and accessible surgical field with great resolution and a high depth of field.
  • Evaluate a surgical plan in the operating room with Guide; 3D tractography and other advanced visualizations that are available for navigation using a surgical trajectory.

ImageDrive™Clinical: Make data accessibility elementary

ImageDrive™ Clinical integrates your patient’s digital footprint across the circle of care through its web-based, adaptable, multi-disciplinary data hub.
Adaptable presentations

Generates patient timelines and storyboards to support patient-centric presentations and decisions on patient care

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Accessible data

Integrates, aggregates and stores patient data from both Synaptive Medical and third-party systems

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Facilitates interdisciplinary review

Provides seamless collaboration and peer review across multiple disciplines, through a single interface with access to a wide range of imaging and non-imaging data

Evry World’s First Dedicated Head MRI to Assess Use in the Emergency Department

In situations where every second counts, Evry holds the potential to bring MRI closer to the patient to support faster and earlier detection of neurological deficits.

The purpose of Synaptive’s Evry, a dedicated head MRI, is specifically for imaging patients in situations that require immediate decision making, such as with acute stroke. The system comprises a superconducting magnet, powerful gradients and a custom head coil allowing it to be sited in areas previously inaccessible to MRI system installation—for example, directly within emergency departments, ICUs and other areas in the hospital where imaging of patients earlier in their care cycle is critical to their outcomes.

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  • Synaptive MRI is a cryogen-free, actively shielded mid-field (0.5T) neuro MRI system
  • No cryogen venting / quench risk
  • 5 Gauss line within 1 m of magnet
  • Ability to turn the magnet ON and OFF in 15 minutes
  • Custom high-powered gradients
  • Latest-generation hardware for advanced pulse sequences
  • Fully digital receiver
  • Advanced reconstruction techniques
  • Open Software platform for research

Expanded Neuroimaging

  • Emergency Department (Stroke, TIA, TBI)
  • Neuro-ICU (Stroke follow-up, surgical follow-up)
  • Surgical Planning / Sterotaxy / Radiation Therapy
  • Intraoperative Imaging