The Argos Cardiac Output Monitor

The Argos Cardiac Output Monitor brings together industry-leading expertise in physiology, signal processing and computational algorithms to engineer innovative monitoring solutions that give clinicians up-to-the minute data that they can rely on to make informed patient care decisions. Unique to this monitor, The Argos does not require disposables, which makes it extremely attractive to hospital systems and enables them to afford a monitor for each patient bedside. The hemodynamic parameters available to the clinician include cardiac output (CO) and index (CI), stroke volume (SV) and index (SVI), systemic vascular resistance (SVR) and index (SVRI) and pulse pressure variation (PPV).

Advantages of The Argos Cardiac Output Monitor

  • Single cable simplifies blood pressure signal acquisition.

  • Clean and clear number displays visible from 15 feet.

  • One-touch access to trend and parameter settings.

  • Customizable display of any three of ten parameters.

  • Novel trend zoom and scroll.

  • Trend inspector to display numeric parameter values on the trend graph

  • Status bar system for alerts avoids blocking parameters

  • Selectable parameter colors customizable to each institution’s conventions

  • This simplifies and speeds up the setup.

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